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We Salute the Golden Youth Club of Iron Ridge, WI

We Salute the Golden Youth Club of Iron Ridge, WI

The Golden Youth Club of Iron Ridge meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 11:30 AM. At their meetings they have various activities and enjoy guest speakers, always having an amazing lunch to share. The current President is Darlene, Vice President is Merle, Treasurer is Sharon, and Secretary is Wilma. Membership is $5 for the year. The club has 45 members.

To learn more about becoming a member please contact Darlene at (920) 625-2286 or Merle at (262) 853-7468.

Pictured here December 2021, the group enjoying their holiday meeting.
Pictured here are Iron Ridge Golden Youth Club members left to right Bonnie T., Agnes N. and Lucielle B.
Pictured here are Betty P. and Agnes N. who used to play together in grade school and now enjoy time together in the Golden Youth Club.
Pictured here is Fred McGaver of sharing about the opportunity for all citizens to post local, positive news.

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