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Trishaw takes couple for history ride

Trishaw takes couple for history ride

“Didn’t think we’d be interested, but we heard about it, so we decided to give it a try,” said Shorehaven Tower resident Leslie B. in reference to the couple’s first ride in Shorehaven’s trishaw. Now she and husband Art are hooked on riding in the rickshaw-type vehicle, commandeered by staff Kira Grosenick.

“We have lived 59 years in Oconomowoc, so we shared a lot of history with Kira on that ride,” said Leslie. Even in gray skies and 45 degrees, Leslie said, “It was great to be out and doing something different, seeing the old neighborhoods, taking the side roads.”

The couple returned from their fall freedom ride to deliver one assignment to Tower allies. “I recommend you all take a ride. You’re going to like what you’re doing, and where you’re going,” Leslie noted.

Enjoying a ride at The Shorehaven Campus

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