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The Lodl Family makes a birthday a celebration of grattitude.

The Lodl Family makes a birthday a celebration of grattitude.

The Lodl family hosted daughter Lily’s 9th birthday party on Shorehaven’s parking lot, inscribing messages of hope and cheer for nursing home residents.

Birthday party chalks one up for gratitude

“We were thinking birthday party differently this year,” Jennifer Lodl described her daughter Lily’s 9 yr. old birthday party Oct. 2. “With all the COVID precautions, we were trying to be cognizant and careful. And we thought some good should come of it, too, as it actually benefits other people too.”

The Lodls planned to gather six kids outside Shorehaven, inscribing messages on pavement for residents to read. “I ordered a bunch of sidewalk chalk, and Lily started creating happy messages for the seniors. We thought residents could walk out and read the messages, or see it from their windows.”

Lodl said that her family had visited Shorehaven residents in year’s past, and were rewarded by brightening residents’ and staff’s day. Lily’s friends’ parents jumped on board. “Everyone loved the idea of helping seniors who are experiencing isolation during these crazy times. We let the kids’ creativity flow. Lily always makes her own cards with happy sayings, so this was natural for her.”

The Lodl family often discusses “how we have more than other people.” “It’s a family topic for us. It’s important for kids to know how to give to others.” “This is such a cool opportunity to reach out to the seniors,” Lily said, drawing hearts and rainbows on Shorehaven’s pavement. “I just love helping people. People do such kind things for other people. I want to be part of that.”

For Lily’s 8th birthday, the family donated all of Lily’s gifts to Robin’s Nest, an organization supporting foster families. “I appreciate when giving is tangible for kids. And they learn what their generosity means to others.”

For now, the birthday party sidewalk chalkers just hope their project inspires others to do “something kind for their community.” “We’re all in this situation together,” said Lodl.  “We are all learning how we can help one another.  Even in just the little ways, we want people to know we are there for you…even just to bring you a little cheer.”

Mike Lodl is pictured here.
Lily at Play sharing her gift of art
More positive messages. Thank you Lily

Lily Lodl guides her mom Jennifer and brother Oliver in the artistic message communication.

Thank you Lily and her family for sharing your special day. And THANK YOU Sarah Williams-Berg for passing this good news on.

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