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Patriots Express Their Loyalty to the USA in some amazing ways.

Patriots Express Their Loyalty to the USA in some amazing ways.

If you have the occasion to be on Lake Kegonsa in Stoughton Wisconsin notice on the steep banks on the shoreline this amazing display of “USA” made of Hosta plants.

Traditional ways are flying the American Flag. The Flag is displayed with a spotlight on it everyday all year long as shown below.

Of course other ways to express your loyalty is to have red, white and blue lights. You will see those lights displayed all year long.

The family responsible for this amazing display of Patriotism is the former Nancy Chritton, and since 1970 Nancy Hellickson as she and her husband Russ Hellickson who both grew up in Stoughton, WI. Spending their retirement years in Columbus, OH and Stoughton, WI. as their family has grown pictured below.

Nancy and Russ center with their 3 daughters, 3 son-in-laws and 9 grandchildren

Russ Hellickson was a freestyle wrestling Silver Medalist in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In 1980 he also qualified for the Olympic Team and voted to be the Team Captain. Due to politics getting involved The USA did not participate in the Moscow, Russia Oympics.

As a commentator for the Olympics from 1984 through 2012 Russ has helped showcase many of the champions who have followed in his footsteps.

He also coached at the University of Wisconsin as an Assistant Coach and Head Coach for 16 years. After that he Coached from 1986-2006 at The Ohio State University.

Although he has 3 daughters, those athletes that competed under his guidance agree he has been an amazing mentor to over 550 athletes over his 36 year tenure. He also conducted 8 to 12 weeks of wrestling summer camps in 8 states that drew over 70,000 wrestler each summer allowing young wrestlers to improve their skills during their off season.

As the proverb accurately states behind every successful man is a woman. Those who really know the Hellickson Family agree that Nancy has been the best advocate anyone could ever have.

We at Salute Nancy and Russ Hellickson for helping us to Inspire America Now.

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