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Out of Great Tragedy Comes Great Triumph

Out of Great Tragedy Comes Great Triumph

The Community Benefit Tree (CBT) founded by Heidi Frederickson started out of tragedy and has become her greatest triumph. Losing her father before his time was a great tragedy in the life of Frederickson, from his death came a greater purpose. Frederickson’s greatest triumph is in helping families avoid financial crisis incurred through medical debt. Working with families for the duration of two to five years, the CBT offers support, guidance and planning for these families to maintain financial sustainability.

The passion Frederickson has for her life’s work permeates from her very being. Frederickson knows well how quickly a household can be in financial ruin. The team at CBT helps families identify problem areas and helps provide solutions to those issues, if transportation is a problem it becomes a target for solution. The team begins by identifying the financial need of a family and then walks side by side on the journey to serve those families through entire the process.

The CBT has served 778 families over the last 16 years. The non-profit has evolved and changed over that time. What lies ahead? CBT is working toward expanding the scope of their services to a national level. How you ask? As our nation becomes more advanced in technology Frederickson sees technology as a tool to help more people and When asked, “What is the greatest joy of this journey?” The light and love in Frederickson’s eyes told her story, “watching families come into our office in despair and watching them leave with hope.”
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