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Dr. Robert Hall – Leads Junior and Senior Students in Real World hands on experiences to develope various skills.

Dr. Robert Hall – Leads Junior and Senior Students in Real World hands on experiences to develope various skills.

Dr. Robert Hall

In April 2016 at its monthly meeting, Elmbrook Board of Education named Dr. Robert Hall as the Executive Director of LAUNCH – a new program opportunity for Elmbrook junior and senior students beginning in September 2017 that seeks to connect rigorous learning with real-world, hands-on projects provided by area business and industry. LAUNCH is built on the principles of profession-based learning, professional skills development, self-discovery and exploration, entrepreneurial mindsets, and responsiveness to the needs of students and businesses.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Hansen praised Hall’s “commitment to students through his support of innovation, engagement and opportunity. Dr. Hall’s leadership experience, as well as his ability to develop community partnerships and integrate design thinking, will add great value to the students and staff in Elmbrook.”

For the past seven years, Dr. Hall has served as the Principal of Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha. Prior to that Hall’s experienced ranged from a K-8 Principal to a middle and high school math teacher. Dr. Hall received both his Master’s (2002) and Doctorate (2012) degrees in Educational Leadership from Marian College. Selected from a candidate pool that included leaders from across the field of education, Dr. Hall stated, “I am excited to join Elmbrook Schools and begin the challenging work of starting a new program for high school students across the District.”

Currently, LAUNCH has over twenty business champions who support LAUNCH, 200 business partners who interact with the program and has a process to complete business, innovation and entrepreneurship projects for over 150 students who are searching for authentic engagement opportunities. Over the past two years, LAUNCH has been the hub of client problem solving projects, professional training, and the development of competencies that incorporated 21st century knowledge and skills. In addition, LAUNCH is expanding its reach into the Wauwatosa School District, who will be the first to offer additional strands in 2019-2020. LAUNCH received the 2018 Wisconsin Innovation Award in the area of Education and helped secure a WEDC grant for the building of the Brookfield Central Fabrication Lab.

We appreciate all the hard work Dr. Hall and the Launch Team does to make our schools better as it ripples to make our communities a better place for all.

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