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CABLE ARIAN Chamber of Commerce – A Salute to the Rondeau Family

CABLE ARIAN Chamber of Commerce – A Salute to the Rondeau Family

Cable Area Chamber of Commerce

About the Chamber
The Cable Area Chamber of Commerce exists to promote and market the towns of Cable, Drummond, Grand View and Namakagon as a premier travel destination. We are the advertising agent for our communities, relentlessly creating and placing ads inviting visitor to come discover all there is to see and do in the amazing part of Northern Wisconsin. We also produce brochures, maps, and all forms of informational material to help visitors have an unforgettable experience while they are here. Our visitor center is staffed with a knowledgeable team of professionals anxious to assist you with all your planning needs. We are proud to serve, network and provide community support for our area as well. The visitor center and our website both serve as informational resources for visitors and residents alike.

History of the Chamber:
Building dedication – In 1985 the Rondeau Family, long time Cable residents and owners of the Rondeau Shopping Center, graciously donated land in the center of town to house the new Cable Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. Now, located on the town’s principal intersection and visible from busy Highway 63, the Cable Area Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center welcomes thousands of visitors annually. Visitors and residents alike owe a debt of gratitude to the Rondeau family for their vision, foresight and contribution to the tourism and economic development of the entire Cable Area. 

Rondeau Family Dedication

We Thank the Current Leadership of The Cable Area Chamber of Commerce listed below:

Cable Area Chamber of Commerce Office Staff

President Chad Young
Norvado Services, Cable

Vice President Heather Ludzack Brick House Cafe Restaurant, Cable

Patsy Rieckhoff Mogasheen Resort Lodging, Grand View 


Chris Anne Best Pioneer Bar Restaurant, Grand View

Craig Manthey Bear Country Retail, Drummond 

Maureen Palmer Redbery Books Retail, Cable

Phil Rasmussen Lakewoods Resort Lodging, Namakagon 

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